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Local vs server problem

Question asked by SteveKeiser on Jun 28, 2013
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Local vs server problem



     I have a table occurrence that I made so I could show only active records. When I display the layout it works fine when the database is running off my hard disk. When I run the database off the server, it doesn't work right. Instead of the found records displaying only the active records, it displays the total number of inactive+active records. It shows a line in the list view for every record, but only the active records show any information on the line.


     Here is my setup:


     Table:TableID = Table2:TableID AND Table:cInactive = Table2:Inactive    where cInactive is a calculation field that always returns the active value of the Inactive field.

     The layout uses the "Table" table, but each of the fields on the layout are from the "Table2" table occurrence.

     This setup works when the database is local on my hard drive, but does not work from FileMaker Server.