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Locating specific address in relational table using value list

Question asked by bobg on Aug 20, 2012
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Locating specific address in relational table using value list


I'm totally new to FMP (v12).  Done some programming with SQL, C#, so have some understanding of relational databases.  But am totally confused on how to use FMP to do look ups, etc.

Have People table, with People_keyID and things like name, phone...

Have Addresses table with People_keyID link, this table holds multiple addresses (home, work, beach cottage, boy's camp, etc.).  Addresses appear in a Tab window, I can currently display all addresses in multiple rows, but that's not the goal.

Want to have a drop down list that displays all address names (home, work, etc.) for an individul "People" record.  When selected, have the selected address cause a different (Portal?) area of the tab screen show that specific address.

I've tried just the two tables, no luck.  Tried adding a CrossLink table linking People to CrossLink::people_keyID then linking the CrossLink::Address_KeyID to the Address table.  I can make all the relationships work, but cannot get a populated drop down list to cause my selection to display that address in a portal.

Does this even make sense to anyone?  I like FMP, don't want to do it the hard way with C# and SQL, but am having trouble finding examples or tutorials that address these real-world issues.