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Locations Table

Question asked by PeterMontague on Feb 27, 2013
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Locations Table


     I set up a locations table. It is related to the inventory like this inventory::sku -----< child sku::location >-----< location::location.

     The layout contains the location number; a portal containing child sku::sku child; inventory::sku; inventory::title; inventory::item _condtion.

     I want to include quantity in the portal. I have various options to add a quantity field. I could let this quantity be equal to the number that is added in the transactions table as items are added. Is, the related field, transactions::in the correct option? 

     The locations table layout is a good stock checking layout. I want to be able to add and take away from the quantities here as I check the box for errors. Is transactions::in the correct option for this? Or would this end up adding extra to the inventory in error?