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    Lock a record



      Lock a record


      Dear All,

      Is tehre any way after a new record is created and changed at the end I want to lock the file nobody can change the values?


      I created a field called "Lock" auto-enter (1) I chaged the Privilege Set and Data Access and Design  then Records and choose Custome privilege Then Selected all Table and chose Yes to all. Only the table has Lock field I chose Field Access then I chose View only. At the end ok all and saved. I closed the database and reopened it now the page is grayed out and says no access.

      I have a backup of the database I am not worried about that.


      I want to know Is there any other way we can lock a record?

      Your help will be appreciated.




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          In your Privilege Set Settings, go to Records --> Custom Privs --> <Choose your table> --> View --> Limited


          Then you should put is something like:


          Lock <> 1

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            Thanks mr_vodka


            your steps worked and now I can lock any record I want.





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              Pardon my computer ignorance, but I cant find "Privilege Set Settings, go to Records --> Custom Privs --> <Choose your table> --> View --> Limited"

              I will appreciate help on this. I am newbie in Bento 4 just for about a week.

              I already know how to lock form. I am interested though ON HOW TO LOCK THE DATE/RECORDS I MADE SUCH THAT I THAT IT CANNOT BE CHANGED AFTER INPUT LIKE PHONE NUMBERS, NAMES, ETC. "

              MOREOVER, I NOTICED THAT LOCKING AND UNLOCKING THE FORM DOES NOT REQUIRE A PASSWORD? Is there a way it can be password assisted to prevent unauthorized changes in the form, if in case someone gets into my laptop and it was left open?