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Lock drop down or pop up menu

Question asked by Vicky on Aug 14, 2013
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Lock drop down or pop up menu



     I have a lock field with the calculation If ( IsEmpty(Factory) ; 0 ; 1 ) and a script on the Factory field.

     If [ Evaluate ( Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::Lock" ) = 1 ]

       Revert Record / Request [ No dialog ]

     End If

     When Factory is just a normal edit box and the script trigger is OnObjectModify, Factory field is locked and works just like I want it to.

     However I wish to have a pop- up menu for factory or a drop down list ,but the lock does not work.  It just seem to delete the new record.  How should the script be changed in order for Factory to be locked after the user makes their initial selection from the value list.