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    Lock Field After Variable Set



      Lock Field After Variable Set


      I am stuck.

       Here is what I have so far.

      I have a table (Requisition) with a field Purchase Order. Purchase Order is a number field. Requisition Layout also has all the information from the Req table. (Items are tied to PO's and PO's are tied to Req.) When in the Req Layout and select the button to add a new Item, the button has the script "CREATE NEW ITEM". The basic of the script is the copy the PO number to variable, Go to Item_Entry layout, Create a new record, Go to purchaseOrder field and enter the PO variable. But the problem I am currently having is I would also like to lock the PO field after the variable is set so that it can not be changed during the entry of the rest of the data.

      I have tried to disable Browse Mode in the layout setup but when the variable is entered I can not enter any data on any other part of the layout. Everything works great if I leave Browse Mode enabled but then the field can be editied.


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          You can restrict the priviledges for users but a script can be run with full access priviledges

          At the bottom of the script edit window is a check box to "run script with full access" or something to that effect. This gets around such things.


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            You might consider locking browse access to the PO field rather than the layout. Then scripts can modify the field but users cannot directly edit it. (If this field is the primary key you use to link a PO to other records such as a line items table, it should be an auto-entered serial number and you can select the prohibit modification field option to keep it from being changeable by anyone or any script after the record is created and it receives it's original, unique serial number.)

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              You can do what PhilModJunk did. That sounds like a good idea.

              If you need to change a number, you can temporarily change the settings, but...

              I have an idea which uses a script trigger.  Though, I have some concern about it.

              Have a script trigger on the field that checks if the variable(the copy; PO) is empty.  If it isn't empty then it is being used and kicks it out of the field using Go to Next Field step.  If the variable is empty allow it.  When a user is done entering the data, they can click the button and the variable is empty once again.

              Since the variable is a copy you can specify it to lock for only that record instead of that field for all records.

              Hopefully this makes sense. If not let me know.