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    Lock Records Simple



      Lock Records Simple


      Now i have putted in all orders and sent out order confirmations, in 10 days we will lock all orders and go into production. Therefore i would like to «LOCK» every individual record to prevent any unwanted changes - preferably with a checkbox on each order (recordnumber). I was experimenting with Access Priviledges and a variation of users ... but somehow i got it wrong.

      I have a ::Order  and ::LineItems ... both are comined with a portal to record the orders .. and all i want is lock the order. The entire rest can be accessed and changed as much as needed ... 

      Thank you ... 

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          A check box formatted field could be used to lock each record, but it would not have anything to do with the record number.

          Say you define a field named "Lock" in the Order table and format it with a check box such that clicking the check box enters a 1 in the field when it is to be "locked".

          Then you can use:

          Not Lock

          as the expression to use in Manage security to control edit privileges on the order table and

          Not Order::Lock

          as the expression to use to control edit privileges on LineItems.

          Also add this expression as a validation rule in LineItems:

          Not Order::Lock

          on at least one required field to prevent users from adding new related records to LineItems.