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    lock tab panel



      lock tab panel


      Hi Group

      Is it possible in a tabbed box to leave a tabbed view constant as you switch between records? when I switch between records it always defaults back to the first tab, this would be useful when comparing records in a tabbed view.

      i am using filemaker 10 pro and filemaker 11

      regards Fluffy

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          If you give a separate object name to each tab you can use Go To Object to select a specific tab and bring it to the front.

          If you set an OnObjectModify trigger on the tab control, the script can log the currently selected tab's object name in a global variable. (Use GetLayoutObjectAttribute to test each panel to see which one is in front.)

          OnRecordLoad can then use the object name stored in this global variable to select the same tab in the new record as was selected in the old.