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    Lock Window Size



      Lock Window Size


      Apologies if this has come up in a previous thread, i did try a search but could not find an answer specific to my requirements.

      I have a database that i am trying to lock the window size. in other words to not allow the user to click and drag the window any larger than the original layout size.


      using fm13

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          Remember that a new window can be customised by specifying an Advanced Style ( Document, Floating, Modal Dialog ) and Control ( Close, Minimize, Maximize, Zoom, Resize ).

          So the solution is:
          1) store the window name into a variable
          2) set the current window name to something like: "Old"
          3) create the new customised window and give it  the name stored into the variable
          4) close the window named "Old"

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            Thanks for the reply.

            Not sure that i fully understand, or maybe i could have been clearer in the original post.

            i am not trying to resize a window when opened if say a previous window had been resized

            instead i am trying to prevent a user from ever being able to resize a window in the first place.


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              Raybaudi said nothing about resizing a window. If you open the window in question using the new window or go to related record script steps, you can also specify the features Raybaudi has described and the window will have a fixed size that cannot be changed.

              And a "OnFirstWindowOpen" performed script could set up the first window a user sees with such properties if such is desired.

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                "...instead i am trying to prevent a user from ever being able to resize a window in the first place"

                Understood, and a new customized window can do it.

                You'll need to create a script that will be fired OnFirstWindowOpen or OnLayoutEnter.

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                  sorry for the confusion. this worked exactly as i required it to. thanks again for the help and extremely quick responses.