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Locked Files

Question asked by 56up on Aug 2, 2013
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Locked Files


     We have a Filemaker database that consists of 4 linked databases for Contacts, Products and producing quotations. My computer hosts the databases and there is a startup script in the main database which opens all the databases.

     Most of the time all 4 load well, but every now and then, at random and for no apparent reason, one of the databases will load without the ablility to modify any of the fields or add new records. You can browse and search, export etc, but not modify.  This can be diagnosed by looking at file/ file optionswhich will be greyed out. Closing Filemaker and re-opening or completely re-starting the computer can sometimes load the file normally.

     But the only sure way to get the file loading properly is to save a backup copy, dump the old file as a backup, rename the new file by removing the copy part of the file name and then restart filemaker.

     Every morning I have to go through the routing of checking each database to ensure it is working and it's getting a little tiresome. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks