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Locked out of all DBs in FMpro 9

Question asked by DewayneGuyer on Dec 27, 2010


Locked out of all DBs in FMpro 9


With no warning FMpro 9 has begun asking for passwords for ALL my DBs. This is peculiar since I have not protected any of them (or anything else) with PWs. Of course, since there ARE NO PWs FMpro 9 is not happy with anything I submit to it. This sounds remarkably similar to the problem posted by Margaret on 11/14/08, except that I am NOT a corporation with numerous employees. I am ONE individual, living alone, receiving no guests--yes, it's pathetic, but also leaves no outside explanation for this problem. Has anyone besides Margaret experienced this issue? Because like her I am suddenly dead in the water--unable to use any of the DBs that I have invested 1000s of hours in.