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Locked out of Database

Question asked by thuidor on Feb 6, 2009
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Locked out of Database


I'm having problems with accessing Layout Mode as well as the Define.. Menu option.  I've had various crashes with Filemaker that caused my Mac to crash to a blue screen. As a result, Filemaker has now defaulted to logging me into the database under a user profile that does not have Edit privileges. I now can't log into the database under my admin account with Full Access privileges. 


In addition, I do not have the ability to change which account to access the database with from the File Options menu. The options under "When opening this file... are greyed out so I have no way of changing to a Guest Account of my Admin account.


I have taken the database offline and am having the same problem when accessing directly from my desktop.  Any suggestions on how to force Filemaker to allow me to change which user account to use for opening the database?