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Locked records - unusual behaviour of 'lock record' script button

Question asked by aikiko on Jun 28, 2010
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Locked records - unusual behaviour of 'lock record' script button


Dear All,


I have set up a locked record system as Steven has suggested here:


I have also created a script button that will lock the record once it has been completed. The script 'appears' to work, along with conditional formatting text boxes that change in accordance with the locked status.


However I have noticed that upon clicking the script button, I then need to click outside the button for the conditional formatting to occur. This is ok to an extent, but if  I then accidentally place the second mouse click on a radio button in another field, this field will change before the record lock begins.


e.g. Sex: Male O Female O  (imagine male is selected and blacked out) --> After clicking on the 'lock record' button, my second click is on the female radio button which now accidentally changes this field from M to F, then this is followed by the conditional formatting of the textboxes and the 'lock record' script is activated, thus blocking the record from further changes.


FYI, the locked script is: 


Insert calculated result [Select; Table1::Flag; Table1::Flag=0]


(thus when 0 is selected, the privilege set prevents access to this record)


The calc that follows 'Records can be modified when..." in the privileges set (records) is:




Anyone else experience the same thing?


Thanks for any assistance



FMP10Adv, OSX10.6