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Locked up on Find

Question asked by njem on Jan 31, 2011
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Locked up on Find


FM locked up with a progress bar on a Find. I had to use task manager to get out. This has been working in development (one user at a time) this is the first time several regular operators were running it. It locked up on the find on one station. Another station could get around in the ap but when I tried the same find it locked up. Same thing on the "server". FM11 Pro. Not running server just several seats with one running as the "server" and sharing the db.

This is the find to filter out dupes. So I have the table Captains and a dupe of that Captains2 with a self relationship. This is for a non-profit recurring bowling fundraiser and each captain may have several teams. I want a list of all captains but each captain just listed once.

So I have a field that is a text field with auto enter that combines captains Last & first name, validated during data entry only. It has "all" indexing.

I have a similar field that also adds the team name. Same field set up otherwise. This is the unique key of the db.

Captains table and Captains 2 have a relationship on the LastFirst name field. The relationship says that Captains2 should be sorted by LastFirstTeam. So the first LastFirstTeam it should encounter should be the alphabetically first team (team "A"). Actually it doesn't matter much. I don't care which team of a given captain is listed, I just want each captain listed once.

Finally there is a calculated CheckDupes field If Captains:LastFirstTeam = Captains2:LastFirstTeam then = "Unique" else = "Duplicate".

The Find is simply looking for CheckDupes to equal "Unique". The Find happens by script when they go to that layout. It was then that it locked up.

FYI this captain list is not a report. It is how they look for close spellings or misspelled, and how they choose which captain record to go to to see the full details in another layout.

Is there anything wrong with my setup?