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locking a button depending on field contents

Question asked by nolak37 on Jun 9, 2010
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locking a button depending on field contents


Hi everyone,


Im making some changes to the timecard starter solution where the employee can clock in when they arrive, again to go to lunch and returning and then when they leave. I created a button out of the day field that runs a script and passes a parameter 1-7 depending on the button, then the script checks if the check in time is empty and fills in with current time (Timestamp) if field is full then runs a second script to check the next field (Timecard: :Start Lunch).


While this is all working fine I want to prevent them from axidentally punching in on the wrong date but can seem to figure out how to do this.


I tried adding If [ Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) "not equal" Get ( CurrentDate ) exit script, but this did not work.


Any Ideas?