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    Locking a field



      Locking a field


      Here is my layout


      Month (date type) hours hourly rate total billable program


      say for month date = 01/12/2009

      but after this date 29/12/2009 I no longer what people to play with these fields. This would go for any month and any year between the dates of the 1st of the month and the 29th of every month

      I have a way to lock as soon as a date is entered but this will need to be changed through the month.

      I just don't want people going back and playing with this to screw the totals for that month.


      thanx sly

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          Thank you for your post.


          With Accounts and Privileges, you can set a user to have the ability to add records, but not edit or delete them.  This way, once the record has been added, no changes can be made to that field (or fields).


          If you need clarification how to do this, please let me know.



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            TSGal i would love clarification how to do this. Any help would be awsome.




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              Howdy sly,


              In accounts&Privileges, under records, choose "custom privileges..."  This will pop up a window with many various selections.  Choose the table you want to restrict and choose "limited.." under the EDIT header.


              A calculation window will pop up in which you will describe the conditions under which someone can edit the record.


              Assuming you have a field with the date after which the record should not be modified, the calc can take the form of:


              Get(CurrentDate) < Table1::LockOutDate


              or something like:


              Get(CurrentDate) < (Table1::CreationDate + 15)


              You'll need to determine how to describe the lockout criteria to meet your needs...after that, it should be pretty direct.


              Keep notes, playtest it yourself before launching, always keep backups... ;)