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    Locking a Layout



      Locking a Layout


      I have a rather complex layout used for product specification entry including several portals to related tables.

      One tab on this layout is called "Authorizations" and it consists of four sets of radio buttons and three text fields.  The first set is simply Locked or Unlocked.  The other three sets are keyed to specific users where they either Approve or Not Approve the spec.  If they choose not to approve the spec, a text box appears where they enter the reason for the disapproval.

      When the spec writer clicks "Locked" I would like all the entry fields to be locked EXCEPT for the fields on the Authorization tab.

      Currently all the authorization fields are in the "master" specification table.  I'm thinking they may be better located in their own related table, but don't know where to start on locked all the other records.

      And advise?

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          First, you aren't "locking a layout", you are locking a record. wink

          I would definitely consider using a related table so that Record Level Access Control doesn't apply to the approval fields. You could use a validation rule that denies changes but this is not as user friendly and requires setting up on every single field that you want to be controlled by such a "lock".

          You might also consider (I used to manage an ISO 9000 document control system) the fact that such a "review" process often is needed more than once. There might be an advantage to using a related table so that you can maintain a "history" of past reviews and approvals.