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Locking a tag or a text field

Question asked by AlexTorry on Jan 19, 2012
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Locking a tag or a text field


Hi everyone,

I have been wondering if there is any feature in filemaker that allows me to show only the text that fits in a textbox or a tag because otherwise it messes up the layout, this is related to an iPhone layout that I have been working on that displays customer names but sometimes the space is not long enough to show the full name, specially here in Mexico that we use very long names including our mother´s maiden name.

In other apps on the iPhone what it does in this kind of circumstances is that it shortens the name so it fits and show it with three dots "..." for instance: "Juan Carlos Ruiz Cor..." Is this possible?

I´m ataching a picture so you can get an idea of what is happening to me, for instance, on customer Aguilar Tellez Girón Manuel Alejandro in which Alejandro is displayed underneath and you only get to see some parts of the top. (I know that it is very long name and uncommon but trust me it happens a lot over here)

I really dont want to decrease the font size hence it is the standard font size for iPhone layouts.

Thanks in advance.