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    Locking and Unlocking Records



      Locking and Unlocking Records


           Hello! I am brand new to FileMaker AND to posting on forums so please forgive me for the ignorance of this post. As I said, I just started using FMP and I definitely do not pride myself in being computer savvy but no one else in the office has to use the program so I can't ask anyone else. Anyway, my problem is this--I want to be able to quickly lock and unlock records in FMP. Is there a way to do that? I would love for other people in the office to be able to use the program but not mess up a record. I also find myself accidentally typing in a field of an active record before pushing the find button, which changes the actual record and then I have no way of knowing what I deleted! Thanks in advance for your help!!

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               One method for locking records is to add a number field, Lock, to your table. Format it with a check boxes format and specify a custom value list of just one value, the number 1. Then resize the field on your layout so that only the check box is visible. You can put the layout text "Lock" next to it to label it's function.

               Then, for each field on your layout except the Lock field, you can find it in Manage | Database | Fields, double click it to open Field Options and specify this validation calculation:

               Not Lock

               If the check box is empty, you will be able to modify the data in each field. If the check box is selected, you'll get an error message with an option to revert the data. You can choose whether or not to allow users to override this warning.

               There are other more sophisticated ways to "lock" a record using either script triggers or Manage | Security and passwords, but this is the simplest option IMO.