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    log in window



      log in window


      Hi to you all,


      I'm new to filemaker 10, and my employer ask me to create a log in window with to basic text fields, user and pw, and depending the info typed will be validated by a script. If the user type a generic pw like admin-admin then it will take him to the administration site of the system, if not will go to a next window that will validate his pw. When I open the first table to do this I could not figure out How can I let know FM that the two boxes actually are not data, they are only values that will be pass to the next window which there is going to be a script that will validate it and send the user to the next window. Thanks so much for pointing me on the right direction.

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          Why not use Filemaker's Accounts and Privileges settings to do this?


          You can use the Get function to identify the account name and privilege set of the user


          Get ( AccountName) returns the account name


          Get ( PrivilegeSetName) identifies the privilege set name


          You can create separate accounts for each user, but assign groups of them to the same privilege set. Thus, Get (AccoutName) can identify an individual while Get (privilegesetname) can identify a group with the same access permissions.

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               Thanks so much for your reply and I will do it as you suggest, thanks again so much.
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              I have created a fairly complex database to be used via browsers in the cloud. Each user has an individual account and password. For security reasons I need to store the user's IP or his computer's hardware MAC address, or both. However using the get functions they always return the values of my own server, instead of those of the web user. 

              Specifically I use the functions:  

              Get(SystemNICAddress) and Get(SystemIPAddress). I have also tried Get(HostIPAddress). They all return server values.


              Thank you