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Log/Record thank you note sent

Question asked by BrianThompson on Apr 19, 2012
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Log/Record thank you note sent


I'd like to log or record the date and reason for sending a thank you card to a "client" (client in my case is a financial supporter).

What I've tried so far is within the record/client creating a field that is a drop-down calendar and field that is a pop-up menu with 5 values (reasons) to choose from.

Works great. So then I just copy those two fields thinking I'd be able to enter a new date and new reason the next time I send a thank you card.

Problem - the first two fields change to show the second date entered and the second reason entered.

Is it possible to have the same field displayed on the same record multiple times, but not carry the same info?

Been searching the Help Guide, but not sure what to even call my problem, or solution, in order to search. So I'm hoping I'm making enough sense that someone can offer a solution or point me in the right direction. I think I understand fields well enough, but again, don't know what to ask to make them "independent" in the same record. Maybe I need a table or something?


Thanks in advance