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Logged in user go to specific layout

Question asked by ClaudiuNemes on Apr 2, 2012
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Logged in user go to specific layout


Hi there,


I have a problem regarding a condition assigned to a “back to start layout” script.


In each layout of the DB I have a “Back to Start” button that goes to “Start” Layout.  In one particular case, when “OutsideGuest” (Security Account created) is logged in I want that the “Back to Start” button goes to “StartOutsideGuest” layout.


I create, only for this script, a field called

“User” [Calculation (calculation result is Text), Global, =Get(UserName)]

Because “User” have no other use, I put it as a nonprintable object,  in the header of the “Start” and the “StartOutsideGuest” layouts only, for testing purposes.


The “Back to Start” script is as follows:

[ If ( students::User = “OutsideGuest” ]

Go to Layout [“StartOutsideGuest”]


Go to Layout [“Start”]

End If


So, in brief, all users have access to “Start” layout except the OutsideGuest who must be redirected to “StartOutsideGuest” layout.


Main problem is that when I connect with “OutsideGuest” credentials , =Get(UserName) function gives me the Admin name (main account) instead of “OutsideGuest”. This happens also for all the accounts created. No matter with what account I login, in “User” will be displayed the Admin.


Could anyone help me with this? Maybe I use the wrong functions?


Many thanks for your time,

Looking forward to hear news from you,