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Logical function problem: Selecting more than one value

Question asked by KathrynDeTore on May 13, 2012
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Logical function problem: Selecting more than one value


Hello Friends! I'm having some issues with a logical function and I'm hoping someone here can help me. 

I'm trying to create a database using one table for the analysis of ceramic artifacts from archaeological excavations. The way our analysis works is that each individual sherd is evaluated on a number of different features, such as Vessel Type, Estimated Time Period, Shape of the Vessel, etc. Now each of these features/attributes has a descriptive value list that the answer is chose from and a corresponding number code value list. For example: there are nine possible time periods a vessel could belong to, including Unknown, Initial Period, Early Horizon, etc. And each of those is associated with a number code, ie: Unknown = 0, Initial Period = 1, Early Horizon = 2, and so on. 

Now I have figured out, using the the Case () function, how to make it so that when Initial Period is selected in the Estimated Time Period (Descriptive) field, 1 is automatically selected in the Estimated Time Period (Number) field. However, for some of our analysis attributes it's possible for more than one value to be selected, ie: a sherd can be both Initial Period and Early Horizon, in which case I would need 1 and 2 to be selected in the Number field. When I use Checkbox and select more than one value in the Descriptive field, however, nothing is selected in the Number field. 

Here's the coding I've been using: 

Case ( Periodo Estimado_D = "No conocido - Unknown" ; 0 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Periodo Inicial - Initial Period" ; 1 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Horizante Temprano - Early Horizon" ; 2 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Huarás – Huarás" ; 3 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Intermedio Temprano - EIP" ; 4 ; 
Periodo Estimado_D = "Horizonte Medio - Middle Horizon" ; 5 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Intermedio Tardío - LIP" ; 6 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Horizonte Tardío - Late Horizon" ; 7 ;
Periodo Estimado_D = "Colonial" ; 8)

Like I said, I've got it to work when I only select one item from the list, but i need it to work when I select more than one choice from the list. I'm not sure if I need to use a different function or if there's something else I need to do. 

I'd appreciate any help! Thank you!