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Login and password Question

Question asked by PeterDowns on Apr 12, 2011
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Login and password Question


In a previous life when I used to play with access I had a login scenario where the users login and password was controlled by a users table, and this determined via a security level number what navigation buttons they were allowed to see or were visible. The images were referenced via a table and given a user level.So a user with higher security level saw more navigation buttons and therefore accessed more of the site. Also they could update their password and username as well as several administrators could control access to various levels. My question relates to FMP and I have now set up a database with several hundred users. I have set several user profiles via the FMP security accounts.

However is it possible to - 

1. direct users to a particular layout via their account level. For example if you are an administrator you default to layout 1 when you logon, if you are an editor you see layout 2, viewer layout 3. Or can you turn buttons on or off for viewing by particular account levels.

2. Can the users login run from a table of user details or does it have to go through the fmp account system. We have high turnover of users changing positions so a new user often replaces another but in the same position (ie new principal) so their details are being updated regularly so we need to have users or administrators being able to update details but not change their security or viewing levels.