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    Login direction?



      Login direction?


      Is it possible to script so that FM recognize the USER and sets a field based on that recognition...


      I want to set a login so that smithj is the user.

      Then I want Filemaker to say, "Oh, smithj works at Site C, and sets a field to C, so that C's address, phone, etc. are already loaded when smithj goes to his data entry layout...


      I guess something like


      If USER=smithj,

      Then set Field Site to C...


      I know that's not how it would be scripted, but I guess I'm asking if that's even possible...





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          Yes, certainly possible.


          Use the script step Get (AccountName).

          Note that users can change thier own "UserName" so stay away from Get(Username).


          If there are a large number of fields to set, consider a table to hold data for each accountName instead of a script.

          On each table you need such info, have a calculation field which = Get(AccountName) which links to your AccountInfo table.  Now you don't have to copy data...just use the relationship to access the pre-existing data.