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    Login Log



      Login Log


      Hi Everyone,


      Does FileMaker have a feature which allows me to see and log who has logged into FileMaker and how long they spent online? My files are currently being hosted by a third party host and I have reps across the US loging in.



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             You have not said how the database is being hosted or what version. I would assume that you are using FileMaker Server? If so, you might want to investigate the server logs and see what information they hold.
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            Sorry for the lack of information. My database is being hosted by pointinspace.com. I'm not sure what method of hosting they use or how they are hosting it. I talked with the owner of the site and he suggested "set up a script to run on database open that would log the current user, and maybe IP (I think you can fetch that with a script) to a table.  Then, have another database close script that logs the logout."


            Anyone know how to do this?