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    Login Pop Ups



      Login Pop Ups


      We have a database that no one but our admin and president can view, it is password protected. It is connected to a different database with an open relationship just so portals work on it. No one else even uses this protected database.

      For some reason, when everyone is using the normal daily databases a pop up box keeps showing up asking them to login to the protected one.

      Is there any way to keep this for happening. It pops up like every 5 minutes and really gets in the way.


      Please help!

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          Have the users who are getting the log in pop up opening their database with an account name/password that also exists in the other file?


          When a script or relationship refers to another database file, it will attempt to open it with the same account name/password as what was used to open the current file. If it matches, no password pop up. If it doesn't, you get the request for a password.


          If you are sure that you have matching account names and passwords in both files, recover both files ASAP and see if the recovered files show the same problem. I have encountered unexpected requests for a password when one of the files was damaged.