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Login Problem - FileMaker doesn't accept correct password

Question asked by rsoluke on Jan 10, 2010
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Login Problem - FileMaker doesn't accept correct password


I created a database, and created 2 accounts for it (not the actual user & passwords, but you get the idea).

1. User: Admin, Pass: 1234 , Access: full access

2: User: user,   Pass: pass,  Access: data entry


My problem is this: when signing in with either account, FileMaker keeps saying that the user & password combination is incorrect.  I have to log in approx. 15-20 times, using the same user and pass each time, before it will accept them and open the file.  This happens for both the Admin and user accounts.  Also, I noticed when I enter the accounts and privileges, the password changes to a 20-digit string (which I can't see because it's starred out).  Why is FileMaker changing the password?


Software: FileMaker Pro 8.0v2,  OS: Win XP SP3,  database is stored in My Documents folder.