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Login Script - Loop Variables

Question asked by NathanTodd on May 8, 2012
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Login Script - Loop Variables


Hi All,

Currently I have a database that has all the Records in one table and the security settings separate them by area. I created a login script to Get(AccountName) and perform the find script however since they are external Active Directory Accounts i cannot get the correct names.

My Login script now consists of below:

Set Error Capture [On]


Set Variable [$Number; Value:1]

Set Variable [$Val; Value:GetValue("Accounting¶CENSOC¶CHERE";$Number)]

Perform Find [Restore] (NOTE: Find is - Area = $Val)

Set Variable [$Error; Value:Get(LastError)]

Exit Loop If [$Error = 0]

End Loop


My understanding is that since the accounts dont have access to all the records that the error code when running the find on records the account does not have access to should return a 401 code. Once the records with permission are found a return code of 0 then should end the loop.

My problem is not knowing how to add + 1 to the $Number variable throughout each loop which would in turn loop through and perform a find based on the values specified till it found records the user account was permitted to see. 

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.