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    login script makes database unusable



      login script makes database unusable




      I made a serious mistake. I have a login script which opens a window with specific size and goes to a specific layout. But when there were always one generic filemaker window of my database, I added a close window at the beginning of the script. What now happens is that filemaker closes the database immediately after opening due to the login script... :(


      is there anyway to change this? for example to modify the login script without opening the database?


      thanks for any help,


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          You don't say what version of FileMaker, but back in the old days you could set up a new file that was related to the existing file. When the file was opened through a relationship (e.g. a viewing a portal), its startup script wouldn't run. That changed with FM7: you can't stop the startup script from running no matter how you open the file.


          If your script does not turn off user abort, you may be able to quickly hit the esc key (or cmd-period on Mac, you didn't specify platform), immediately when opening the file.


          If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can simply turn on the debugger before you open the file.

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            Thank you fitch. It is fm 9 and indeed the relational trick does not work. I am on a pc here at work and found the idea to hold the alt key on opening of the file, which opened the database even wiithout need for a password. a little bit strange for my reasoning but it helped to clear the close window command.


            fm should not allow you to do this and some script debugger should be implemented in every version, not advance only. hear me fm?


            hope this is a help for others

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              I'm not sure what's going on when you hold the alt key, but it's not what you think. On Mac, the option key forces the login dialog to appear rather than logging in with the default account. On Windows it's the shift key. There's no way to bypass a file's security. Possibly your script had a step that caused it to exit using Get( ActiveModifierKeys )?


              Regarding the debugger, that's one of the big selling points of Advanced. It's extremely doubtful they'd make that a standard FMP feature, unless they change their product strategy drastically.


              I'm glad you were able to open your file.