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    login system



      login system


           I'm stuck in making a login system on a page layout.

           Does anyone have a sample file that I can use to orient how to put this out?

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               This can be done, but you'll need to explain what you want and why in more detail.

               Filemaker has it's own log in system. Why do you need to create your own?

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                 Here more information about my ultimate solution.

                 Perhaps the description login system is a too big and general description.

                 currently the users use the default popup from login form filemaker. This feature I would like to move to a layout page. In addition, I want to manage my user accounts on a layout pages in my own environment and not in the standard menu solution form filemaker.

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                        This feature I would like to move to a layout page.

                   But why do you want to do that? What problem would that change solve for you? It would require that your users first open the database and then log in--the reverse of how one usually gains access to a password protected file.

                   You can do that, it just seems like a needless complication to your design. You can set FileOptions to automatically open the file with an account name and password that has a very limited privilege set. FileOptions can also be set to run a script "OnFirstWIndowOpen". This script can take the user to a layout with some text fields (I'd use global text fields) and a button on that layout can use the Re-LogIn script step to take the text entered into fields on that layout and re-logsin the user with that account name and password. You'll need to script this so that you can detect failed log ins and handle them appropriately so a looping script with set error capture [on] and the use of Get ( LastError ) in an If step is needed in order to set that up.

                   To manage accounts and passwords from a layout in your system, take a look at the script steps found in the Script Editor in the Accounts category. You'll find script steps for creating and deleting accounts among other options and you can set such a script up to "run with full access privileges" in order to work even when the user managing the accounts and passwords does not have the file open with a full access password.