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    Login wont work



      Login wont work


      I can't get the login to work. I have set up accounts under manager-accounts and privileges but it doesn't ask for login when I open the file. I am using FileMaker pro 10. This is all new to me. Help Please.

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             Pull down File | File Options. Have you specified a default account name and password here?
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               I have the admin account set up under file options but the other accounts are just set up under the accounts and privileges but nothing comes up when I open the database. It opens and that is it. How do I tell if it is set up as default? And would this make it not work? I am pulling my hair out on this one. Thanks for any help.
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              Under file options, there's an "when opening this file" section. You'll see a text box for the account name and right below it a text box for the password.


              There are two scenarios that I can think of that explain what you are seeing.


              1) The account name and password are entered into the two text boxes that I've just described. You'll see the name of your account and bullets in the password field. With these file options specified the file automatically "logs itself in" with the specified account name and password and you won't get asked for a password unless you hold down the option(mac) or shift (windows) key while opening the file.


              2) The admin account on this file does not have a password assigned to it. In that case it will open itself with admin/no password and not ask you for a password.


              In either case, clear the account name text box in File Options, and your system will start asking for a password.

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                You rock! That worked.

                Now it is only letting me use admin login not the individuals that I entered. Under edit account it has acount is authoenciated by: external server, group name but I have the indiviudal names here and the account is active but to the bottom left it has user data and there is nothing under there. Can you help with this one?

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                     I haven't tried implementing external server authentication at this time. If you don't get another response in the next while, you might try a new thread asking about external server authentication.
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                       Thanks I will do that.
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                      Thank you for your posts.


                      Pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Accounts & Privileges..."


                      Click on the "Accounts" tab (if not already selected).


                      For an account to be active, there must be a check mark next to it at the beginning of each account name.  Otherwise, the account is inactive, and cannot be accessed when prompted for username and password.



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