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    Logins/Account Name/Password Problems



      Logins/Account Name/Password Problems


      I posted earlier regarding problems with with password protection when migrating from FMP7 to FMP10. While it was true that I did use 7 for a while, I authored no password protected DBs in 7 and apparently did not try to open any protected databases that I created created in 6. So when I tried to create a protected DB in 10, I was surprised by the "Account Name' and "Password" requirements. I have never knowing created an account name/password combination. Now I cannot open any of my DBs created in 6 unless I open them in FMP6. This issue has essentially rendered my old databases useless as I cannot get FMP to recognize ANY combination of Account Name/Password.  Is there anyway to not have to specify and account name???? 

      Does anyone have any suggestions or advice???

      Thanks in advance!

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          Did you try opening the files with Admin as the account name and leaving the password box empty? I know you say that you have posted before and that means we have likely suggested this already, but your post does not confirm that you tried this option to open your files.

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            I have the same problem with 11. After conversion, the new file will not open without an admin name and password. I never created any files with passwords, Trying to open with Admin as the account name and a blank password box does not work.

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              Sorry for being away from this question so long. I went back to using FMP6 and haven't had a chance to get back to this. Jerry's post remined me and I have some time to try to migrate to 10 again. Thanks to Phil, but that did not work for me either. If I enter admin for the account and leave the PW field blank it will not open. It also does not work with the password I assigned to it in 6 and admin in the account field. The problem appears to be that the databases I created with just a password (and no account) in previous versions, are expecting an account name and password in FMP10. 

              I can export the contents and recreate them in 10, but am concerned about the ability to use admin and no password to open a database. Anyone suggest the best way to encrypt a database so that it will ALWAYS require a password to open? (Just making sure...)

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                I will add to the frustration of how Mac OS Lion has negatively impacted several of my applications, including FMP.  I was able to fix the problems with my old FMP 6 files by opening them on Tiger OS iMac and simply taking off all access restrictions and passwords.  Then, FMP 11 converted the files.  But one file I created with FMP 11 is stubborn, nada.  Unfortunately, it is a financial database that is critical.  I have read all the posts and tried all the solutions.  Still won't open.  I have posted a new post on this topic to see if it generates more discussion.  FMP support will charge me $45 to troubleshoot this problem.  So my question is, should I just uninstall and reinstall FMP 11 and see if that works?  or will it make it even worse?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks all . . . Rod.

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                  I've had the same problem and the only way I can get into one of my key files is to log in as a guest. Given the number of people who have had this problem, you would think that FileMaker would have published a solution or created a FREE upgrade to handle it. Shame on FM for charging for this.

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                    I apologize I didn't list ALL of the MANY fixes I've attempted, including the most likely, i.e. Admin, no pswd.  NONE of them worked.  I took the file to a Snow Leopard computer and installed FMP 11 there because all of this nonsense started AFTER I upgraded to Lion.  Even that didn't work.  I finally called FMP Support and convinced them this was an installation problem that should be covered free of charge.  They finally agreed and although I was treated professionally, I was essentially told 1) We've never heard of this problem and 2) It's an Apple problem, not FileMaker.  I advised them to check the forums and they would become enlightened about the problems this is causing.  I agreed, Apple/Lion is certainly at fault as well, but Apple says it is a software problem with FMP . . . so lots of finger pointing.  I am waiting for a FMP developer to call back . . . bottom line, there is nothing FMP can do once a password is lost.  You can buy software to figure out a lost password (very expensive I might add).  My diagnosis:  Lion is the culprit and assigned a userame and password to the file through the keychain process.  I DID FIND A FIX:  Using TimeMachine on my Mac, I went back on the external backup drive to the day before I installed Lion and restored the file . . . it worked and I can open and use it now on Lion.  So my diagnosis is correct . . . Lion corrupted the file by assigning a password I could not recover, although I exhausted every password I've ever used on this computer that could possibly be in the keychain.  Cost?  3 days of pain and suffering.  Do you think I should sue?  :-)  Good luck all.  Rod

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                      Me again. I abandoned FMP for a while, but when it became evident Bento was not going to be reliable in future OS and iOS updates, I decided to BUY FMP 14 and Filemaker GO and migrate my Bento file for Passwords to it. I was EXTREMELY frustrated with the repeated issues I have trying to password protect this file, so I abandoned FMP14 (for a while). I just purchased a new MBP so I thought I'd give it a try again. I installed FMP14 in the new MBP, performed the upgrade, and created a dummy two field file called untitled. With the db open, I went to File Options-> Open-> Log in Using -> Account Name and Password (though I'd have preferred JUST password). I left the Account as 'Admin' and typed "1234" for the password. I received  the message: "This file will be opened automatically using the specified account. To use a different account, hold down the Option key (Mac OS) ...while opening the file."  All seems well and good, then when I try to open the file using Admin/1234, I get this message: "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file. Please try again"   Arrgggh! I tried this numerous times, experimenting with different combinations, sometimes trying to change the amdin name, but get the message "The account name and password you entered does not match those for any Filemaker account (when I know they are names and passwords I've used with previous iterations of the 'Untitled DB' experiment.


                      To make matters worse, when I created Untitled 4 BUT stayed in the file rather than closing and reopening it, I went back to the File Options and noticed that the number of dots in the password field had increased significantly. I copied the field and pasted into a text editor and found the following had replaced the '1234': 16682-39235-55921-91139


                      What on earth is happening??? I just want to be able to password protect ONE db (actually, I'd prefer to just be able to encrypt a SINGLE field, but this does not seem possible in FMP).  Why must this be so difficult? Can someone please help an exasperated fellow out?


                      I will be forever grateful!




                      Frustrated in OK

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                        One correction - the reference to the cut and pasted password was not accurate (it was something else in the clipboard), BUT the password field was filled with 20 dots (as opposed to 4), suggesting something I did not type was recognized as the password.