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Logins/Account Name/Password Problems

Question asked by EMH on Mar 17, 2011
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Logins/Account Name/Password Problems


I posted earlier regarding problems with with password protection when migrating from FMP7 to FMP10. While it was true that I did use 7 for a while, I authored no password protected DBs in 7 and apparently did not try to open any protected databases that I created created in 6. So when I tried to create a protected DB in 10, I was surprised by the "Account Name' and "Password" requirements. I have never knowing created an account name/password combination. Now I cannot open any of my DBs created in 6 unless I open them in FMP6. This issue has essentially rendered my old databases useless as I cannot get FMP to recognize ANY combination of Account Name/Password.  Is there anyway to not have to specify and account name???? 

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice???

Thanks in advance!