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long load time for database on PC

Question asked by AAgraphics on Nov 22, 2010
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long load time for database on PC


FMP10 and FMP11 on PC and Mac

Our FileMaker database is hosted on a remote server and there are usually 12 users logged into the database at anytime using FMP10 and FMP11.  The total file size of the database is about 7 MBs.  The database takes just a little bit of time to load on the Macintosh computers.  However, the database takes FOREVER to load on the PCs.  The PCs are running FMP10 and FMP11.  The database takes a long time to load for both versions on the PC.  There are a total of 296 records in the main table and 144 of those records are active.  We need to keep the other 152 records, but we eliminate them from our viewing by constraining the found set.  Any ideas or tips on improving the load time of the database?  Is there some script I can write to improve the load time?  Are there preferences I can adjust on the PC?  It appears to just perform better and load faster on the Macintosh computers.  Hopefully all of that makes sense.  Thank you!