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Long-term strategy for distributing data across multiple files

Question asked by jonasg on Oct 13, 2010
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Long-term strategy for distributing data across multiple files


Hi everyone,

I'm building a solution that has been centered around a single project per file (FM11+11 Server Advanced). Now the company would like to use data from all projects for business intelligence purposes. I am reluctant to integrate all data into a single file, for several reasons:

1. The file will get huge. Projects contain about 50-200 mb of data (includes thumbnail pictures; linking is not really an option). Even at 10 projects a year, this means several gigs of data not too far in the future.

2. Back-ups; consistency: Not only it is impractical to create backups for EVERYTHING once every hour, even if only one project is active at a time; the risk is high because if something breaks, EVERYTHING will be messed up.

3. Speed. I'm afraid that data lookup will become increasingly sluggish as record counts go up.

Therefore it seems practical to me to use a single file for every project. Is it possible to create a business intelligence file that will accumulate horizontal data from all project files? I'm afraid the answer is no, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!