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    Longtime educator user needs to become savvy,quickly.



      Longtime educator user needs to become savvy,quickly.


           I have used FM since 1993 and I have gained much experience with many of FM features having designed and used countless databases. Now, my problem(S). I have a project that I have spread across three databases and want to put my end products (the multiple databases) onto a website (I would like to replace a database on the website which currently is being run by a SQL program we hired someone to write and is in need of revision/rewriting). I have never been satisfied with the user interface and on my end, when I need to download the data is extremely intricate and time consuming.

           I guess I really need to consult with someone to learn if FM can do what this SQL program does. If someone can respond and offer advise, direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Below is a more detailed analysis of my task.

           I have created a suite of three separate databases that will, in combination, collect all of the information needed to register students for our all-state orchestra. The first database collects SCHOOL information inputed by the teacher, the second collects TEACHER contact information, and the third (the main database) will collect student STUDENT information. In this third database, through defined relationships, each record created to when a student is registered will pull information about his school and his teacher from the other two databases. I envision the Student database opening into a navigation screen that would direct the teacher to go first to the school database to enter information, then the teacher will go to the TEACHER database to enter his information. Once these two databases are completed, the teacher will then be directed to create a record for each student. I will create output layouts where the teacher can printout a verification page that will collate all school and teacher data in a header section and then a list of each student (and his information) in a list below.

           I have two real challenges yet to resolve:

           1. Is it possible to to create buttons (scripts) that will allow the user to toggle between these three separate databases?

           2. I would like to post all of this onto our website and run it from there, making it password protected, and accessible to our teacher membership.


           PLEASE HELP!

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               "database" in your context is a really fuzzy term. I believe that you have three database FILES each with one TABLE. If so, my first suggestion is that you change your design to put all three tables in the same file.

               1) Using separate files or all in one file, you can have a different layout for each table and buttons that take a user from layout to layout.

               2) that can certainly be done with Instant Web Publishing or Custom Web Publishing, but there are many details to resolve with either approach. IWP is by far the simpler option, but there are limintations to its function and layout design not found in using just FileMaker so you have to modify your designs to work effectively within those limits. You also have to determine how to "host" your dataase for publishing to the web. given the potential number of simultaneous users you might get, you'll probably need to host the database with Filemaeker Server Advanced or contract with a web hosting service to host the database for you.