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    Look up



      Look up


      I hve set Lookup correctly (I think.) But, when I run it nothing comes back. However when I insert a word to to insert when the field is empty the word is inserted. This suggest the lookup field is empty - which it isn't.


      I am using a Mac. The operating system is 10.6.2.

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          Without knowing more about how you set things up we can only make very general suggestions:


          Check the values in your two tables to confirm the matching values really match. (If the match fields are text, check for invisble characters like space.)

          Check the relationship to make sure it's defined correctly in Manage | Database

          Check the looked up value settings in field options to make sure they are specified correctly...

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            Thanks for the return. I checked the items you suggestedwith no luck.


            Here’s what I did:


            Opened “Manage Database”


            Created two fields

                        CallSign with Tables:



                        Data with fields:




            Created a relationship:

                        From“Call Sign” in Call Sign

                        To“data” in Data Table


            I created a Lookup for “Name” in the Call Sign Table to print the value from the “Data” field inthe Data Table to “Name” in the CallSign Table. I also said if no match, thenreturn “Name?.”


            I populated the fields in Data Table


            I closed “Manage Data Base”


            I entered a value (identical to the value in the Data “Call Sign” field) in the “Call Sign” field in CallSign Table.


            “Name?” was returned to the “Name” field in the Call SignTable.


            This suggest that the Data Table is empty.


            I don’t know why.



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              I'm going to recast what you posted so it makes more sense to me. Correct me, if I get it wrong...


              Table1: CallSign

              Fields: Callsign, Name (both text?)


              Table2: Data

              Fields: Callsign, data (both text?)



              CallSign::Callsign = Data::data  


              CallSign::Name is defined to look up Data::data if no match, enter "Name?"


              I create two records in data

              data= jones, callsign = A1

              data = Fred, callsign = A2


              If I go to the Callsign layout and type "Jones" into the Callsign field, I get "Jones" as I would expect.


              That works, but is weird and I don't think that's what you want.


              I think your relationship should be Callsign::Callsign = Data::Callsign


              Then, entering "A1" in CallSign::Callsign looks up "jones" in the name field.


              PS. having tables and fields with identical names makes the above example confusing. It would be better to rename either table or field names so that they aren't exactly the same.