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    Look Up Cost From Table



      Look Up Cost From Table


      I am working on a layout to compute service income based on hours X service rate. I have a table (TABLE A) that contains hours and service_id and another table (TABLE B) that contains service description, rate, etc. I created a relationship between the two tables based on service_id. In TABLE A, I created a field (service_cost_lookup; TYPE: number; OPTION: Lookup). I input several records to test lookup and it appeared to work fine, however; if I changed the rate in TABLE B, the service_cost_lookup in TABLE A changes. I then created a field in TABLE A called service_cost_rate as a calculated number field (service_cost_lookup X 1) and the lookup appears to work without problems. I can change the rate in TABLE B and it does not change the service cost_rate, however; the service_cost_lookup will change whenever I change the rate in TABLE B. If I change the service_id in TABLE A, the service_cost_rate will change to the latest value in TABLE B.

      Should the lookup value for service_cost_lookup remain static after the original input of service_id unless I change the service_id?

      I appreciate any comments or suggestions.



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          Are you using Service_cost_lookup as your "rate" field in your Hours X service rate calculation?

          If Service_cost_lookup is set up with the auto-enter field option to look up the rate from your table of services and rates, then changing the rate in the rates table should not alter the value found in Service_cost_lookup unless you either use the "relookup" menu option or modify the value of the service ID match field that is used to select the record from which to look up (copy) this rate.

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            Thanks for your response. I deleted and re-added the lookup function and now it appears to work without problems.