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    look up failure



      look up failure


      I migrated from fm 5.5 to 10. I have a customers table and an orders table with the phone number as "look up" field. So when I enter the phone number on the orders table all the contact info fills in automatically. When I lauch fm it works fine. Sometimes twice and more. But fails each subsequent time, until I restart fm. Any idea whats going on?


      thanks,  John the toymaker 

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          Sounds like your reference to the customers table is broken. Did you copy the tables into one file or are they still external files?


          Try re-establishing your relationship and check your exteral data sources and make sure the path is correct and there is only one path the customer table.

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            The two files are external files. The relationship path seems good and does indeed work for 1 or more new records in the second file. Then it just seems to quit looking up.


            thanks for your time,  john