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Look up Items in Different Tables

Question asked by pademo57 on Mar 8, 2011
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Look up Items in Different Tables


Hi There,

In our warehouse, we have rows of shelving with different items kept in different compartments.  I would like to set up a form which uses variables to look up where the items are in the warehouse.

For example:

item: 2" plastic boxes

I would like the operator to put in the item on a form and then it searches the rows, shelves and finally the compartment to find the item.

I'm assuming I would need $row, $shelve and $compartment as variables.  but how do I get these variables to go and look up (if that is the right term) in a different table:

Table: Warehouse

Fields: ItemID, RowNo, ShelfNo, CompNo, ItemNo

I should also mention that the warehouse changes after an item is used up.  Its more efficient and so an item doesn't always stay in the same place and therefore the reason for the look up.