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look up of prices with different levels.

Question asked by mdaracz on Mar 26, 2010
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look up of prices with different levels.


I have filemaker 11 Pro Advanced and I am trying to figure out the following problem. I am taking products from our sql system and deriving prices based on the customer, customer category, and the pricing level.  The pricing level is the quantity of the product that must be met before a better price kicks in.


In this case I have a product with teh following level


if you buy 1 - 499 pound of product the price is 1.91

if you buy 500 - 999 price is 1.49

if you buy 1000 and up price is 1.39

and so forth.


This is how the relationship is defined.


you will see that the operator is set to = for the mininmum_qty and pricing level.


this returns the values correctly only if I type in literrallly 1 pound or 500 pounds or 1000 pounds. There is no problem there and it works. I type in teh qty, and the correct level price is populated  But I have to make it so that if I type in numbers WITHIN the ranges mentioned above it ALSO pulls up the correct pricing.  How would you guys go about this problem. Thanks in advance!