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    Look Up problem



      Look Up problem



      I set up a calculation in a main table that uses data from another (look up values) table.  If I change the data in this values table. then the calculation results in the records already created (in the main table) change.  I am not able to 'unstore' the result in the main table as I the calculation is referencing a global field in the look up table (there isn't a relationship between the two tables (which would lead to the same problem anyway (I think))).

      Is there a way round this problem, or am I going about it the wrong way?  I do not want the previous records to update.


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          Exactly what is the problem? That you don't want the value returned by the calculation field to change when you change a value in the look up table?

          You can use either looked up value settings to copy the values into your table where you perform the calculation and then refer to the looked up value copies to perform the calculation or you can define a number field and use your existing calculation expression as its auto-entered calculation.

          Either way, changes in the look up table will then not update the result computed in your field.