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Look up related field using Get (Account Name)?

Question asked by fmnewb on Sep 15, 2010
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Look up related field using Get (Account Name)?



I'm just getting into FileMaker so not quite used to the scripting environment...

I have a layout called "Projects". Each project record can be assigned to a person - this is represented by a field called "assigneeId". Assignee Id references another table called "Assignee".

"Assignee" table has the relevant fields:




So on my layout, after the project record is committed, I would like FileMaker to look up the assigneeId based on the current user (I believe "Get (Account Name)" achieves this), and to automatically update  Project::assigneeId, silently behind the scenes.

I know SQL much much better - so maybe an example will help clarify what I'm trying to do - consider trying to update project #1


UPDATE Project

SET assigneeId = (SELECT assigneeId FROM Assignee WHERE accountName = "whateverCurrentAccountName")

WHERE projectId = 1


Thanks in advance!

Also, is there an awesome scripting book that anyone recommends....?