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Look up Value "needs" help

Question asked by TKnTexas on Sep 4, 2014
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Look up Value "needs" help


I have built a payroll app.  I have tables for Employee, some constants for calculation, Federal Tax rates, and the payroll check (child table to build the gross earnings).  

It initially worked as expected.  But the last couple times I tried it I did a new payroll check record.  Select the employee from a drop down.  That populates payrate, marital status, number of deductions.  

In the portal I put in one or more lines for hours worked and rate.  The extended amount of the line(s) added to gross wages on the parent (payroll check).  Social security and medicare calculate immediately and are displayed.  The Federal Withholding is blank.  

To get the Federal Withholding to calculate, I go to the field for marital status on the parent record, and flip it to the opposite value and the back.   For example, if SINGLE I change to MARRIED.. commit.  Change to SINGLE .. commit.  If MARRIED I change it to SINGLE... commit.  Change back to MARRIED and commit.  

The Tax will calculate with the first change, but since it is the wrong STATUS the amount is wrong.  Changing it back and it is right.  Comparing my calculation to my actual payroll check from my employer and it was to the penny the same.

It worked then now it doesn't.  Thoughts of what I might have broken?