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Look Up Values Not Being Looked Up...but Only Sometimes...?

Question asked by kingsley47 on Mar 14, 2011
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Look Up Values Not Being Looked Up...but Only Sometimes...?


I have rather frustrating issue that I've been trying to fix for some time now. I have a number of fields that will automatically populate based on the  information put into various other fields. I actually have it set up so  that you should really only have to type into one field and then the  rest of the information will fill itself out. (Assuming the data being  pulled has been put into the correct places in other FMP databases.)  Most of my look up fields work but I am having issues with one set of  fields that are lookups and are dependent on a specific field called  Material Specification. The Material Specification field itself is a lookup field  based on a field called USB#. The Material Specification field populates  correctly but the other fields that are dependent on that one do not  always autmatically pop up. I basically have to go through the process  of recommitting the Material Specification field and then the other  dependent fields will populate themselves. What makes this so frustrating is that it only happens when certain specifications are referenced in the material specification box.

The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with  when the material specification records ( in a different related database)  were created. Some of the records were made before I had made a  remote relationship between the two databases and some were made after. I have  tried copying the material spec. record and then deleting the original  (basically making it so that the record was now made after I had set up  the remote relationship between the two databses) but that didn't fix the  problem either. I have even deleted the original record and retyped all the information into a new record, this also did not work. If someone could point me in the right direction on this  one I would really appreciate it.