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Looked-up Value

Question asked by trevor4370 on Mar 24, 2013
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Looked-up Value


     I am a noob and am having trouble with Looked-up values (or maybe I should be using something else).

     A simple example as follows:


     - id

     - Town

     - Postcode


     - Name

     - Address

     - Phone

     - Town

     - Postcode

     Relationship between ID's

     TABLE 1 has a list of towns and postcodes for each town. When I go to TABLE 2 and select a town from the Dropdown list (Manage Value List - Town in TABLE 2), I would like the Post Code for that town to be automatically displayed. I know this should be simple but I cannot get my head around it - I have spent many hours trying.

     I have tried

     - Creating a relationship between the Towns

     - Town in TABLE 2 - Looked-up Value > Starting with Table = TABLE 2, Lookup from related table = TABLE 1, COPY value from field = Post code.

     - Even tried Lookup on Town.

     Using Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced