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    Looked-up Value Auto updating



      Looked-up Value Auto updating



      I was tasked to create a database with Filemaker, to track company resources. One of the requirements is that I have to have employee names auto-added to other databases when I input them into our master database. (I don’t know why we don’t have one, but who am I to question the boss?) Is there any way to do this? With the way I have this set up now when I add a name to the master database it does not update the other databases. They are all linked with the name field and relationships have been created and are allowed to make changes. The few times that the smaller databases update it is not the right names. I have also gone to field options and did that lookup thing, it gives me the same issue as above.

      BTW, I am using the newest version of Filemaker Pro


      Thank you in advance for your help,

      Will G.


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          Linking records by name is a very bad idea that opens the door to quite a few problems.

          Names are not unique. Names change. Names can be mis-entered. All of this creates situations where you might need to change a name and doing so then breaks the links to all your related tables unless you perfectly update the records in the related tables to match the new value in the parent table.

          You can avoid these issues by linking the records by a primary key--either an auto-entered serial number or a text field with an auto-entered key produced by the get ( UUID ) function newly added in FileMaker 12.

          If you have a master table--say we call it contacts. And onther table, call it orders is linked to it like this:

          Contacts::PrimaryKey = Orders::ForeignKey

          Then you can add name fields from contacts to a layout based on orders and the name of the related contact will appear on the orders layout when the current orders record is linked to a record in contacts by the value in the primary key field.

          but who am I to question the boss?

          I sympathize as that can be a tough one depending on your boss and his attitude towards you. Ideally, it should be part of your job description to question his design choices in the interest of suggesting improved alternatives--but with some individuals that isn't a practical option.

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            Thank you very much for your quick answer, I think I will do what you suggested with the key field. In the meantime I will get a more senior member of the staff to bring it up to him.


            Once more thank you very much, 


            Will G