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Looking for a Solution (Current solution = Excel)

Question asked by macbuz on Feb 27, 2009
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Looking for a Solution (Current solution = Excel)


I'll try and be as concise as I can.


Where to start? Ok, I'm a home remodeling contractor. I use Mac's and have since 1995. As a contractor I do not BID work, I do ESTIMATE work, I bill according to time, materials, subcontractors, misc (fees, permits, etc). I need interfaces that allow me to:



  • Produce Proposals
  • Produce Invoices
  • Produce Statements 



For Proposals all I need is the ability to format an attractive 'form' which would have my bus info, customer info, list items (in a table), notes field, maybe more.


Invoicing and Statements require more. Maybe my current Excel model will shed light:


I use 2 Workbooks.



  • WB 1 contains worksheets (WS's) for Labor, Material, Subcontractors, Misc. Each WS contains columns for Date / Customer / Employee / Hours / Wage Rate / Total / Work done. The columns change slightly depending - relative to if the WS is for Labor / Material / Subs / Misc.
  • WB 2 is generic, meaning I will duplicate it and rename according to new customers. The primary WS is for invoicing. The invoice is formated (as best I can in XL) and various cells have formulas that link to data from WB 1. That data is things like Payments Made / Total Due / etc

WB 1 is where I enter all my data relative to a job. WB 2 populates relative to that data. There are many more details (for instance there is also a Payroll WS in WB 1. What I bill for Labor and what I pay for labor differ. You pay me more than I pay them :smileysurprised:, but I have overhead that you don't.


For fear of having totally confused any who look here, I'll stop at this point. I'm sick of XL and looking for a new 'Solution'. Is it FileMaker?


Thank you (for reading this far if nothing else).