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looking for a solution in our business: we do homework-assistance

Question asked by Jo! on Oct 19, 2012


looking for a solution in our business: we do homework-assistance



     I am looking for a solution for our recent founded  company.

     We are helping students (highschool (and potentially the last grades of primary school) in the age og ±12 to 17-18.
     In this age group planning and organisation is still very difficult, in therms of consistancy. Puberty makes these aspects even more inaccessible.

     Because we want to generate quality in what we do, we want good, simple and accessible software.

     My first thoughts were bento, but I am finding out I have a hard time getting to where I want to go. I seem limited and not really presentable on a MBP 15"

     Now I am thinking FMP and a possible ready -made system that I can adopt and adapt. I has been quite a few years since I used and designed in filemaker ... Also, because we are starting now, I do not have the time to invest in finding out all the features and how to get there. I think I will learn eventually, but I do not have the time.


     So, I am looking for some assistance, pointers, maybe someone allready has something like this.

     What I need is the following (all db's need to be related into a system of course):

     - db for clients Parents (etc), their children (the real clients)

     - db for the financial part: products and pricing, who has purchased what package, actions, etc.

     - grades of the different subjects the kids get at school (a following system

     - agenda for homework, tests when, what, which preparation is needed (planning of learning), check what they have learned

     - reporting-system to parents, and logging.


     These are just the things I think of in first instance.


     Can anyone help me? That would be great!