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Looking for a solution to my solution...

Question asked by Lust4Kicks on Apr 3, 2010
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Looking for a solution to my solution...


Hey all,


I need to create a "utility type" table that basically holds one field of information and have that table be available to another table to pick and choose from.     Did that make any sense?


The main table will be used to create proposals for bidding jobs with.

The utility table will hold a bunch of "exclusions".


Exclusions are used in the bid process to define what types of things the bidder is not responsible for, like permit fees, soil tests, etc.


Because every job is different from the next, the user should be able to choose any number of applicable "exclusions" for the job proposal they are creating.


So my question is:


Can a utility table be created to display a bunch of pre-defined "exclusions" and have the capability of simply clicking on a row or button and the exclusion will copy over to the proposal record being created?


What would be ever sweeter is being able to drag and drop as many exclusions as needed onto a proposal record.


Thanks in advance,


Robo  :robottongue: